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Cultivating Australia's Native Beauty Since 1996

Nestled in the serene landscapes adjacent to the breathtaking Border Ranges National Park in Northern NSW, Gondwana Nursery has proudly served as a beacon of excellence in native plant provision since our inception in 1996.

What began as a humble venture to supply our local community with the finest indigenous flora has flourished into a thriving enterprise, spanning far beyond our initial borders.

Over the years, our commitment to quality and passion for preserving Australia’s rich biodiversity has driven us to expand our reach, now extending our services to encompass a vast expanse of the coastal and inland regions along the eastern seaboard.

From the pristine shores to the verdant hinterlands, our native plants find homes in gardens, parks, and restoration projects, enriching the landscapes and connecting communities with nature’s splendour.

At Gondwana Nursery, our dedication to specializing in native plants has been the cornerstone of our success. Through years of meticulous cultivation and continuous innovation, we have mastered the art of nurturing even the most elusive and delicate species, ensuring that each plant thrives in its new environment.

As stewards of Australia’s botanical heritage, we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to cultivate and celebrate the natural beauty of our land, one plant at a time. Welcome to Gondwana Nursery, where the essence of Australia’s flora blooms in every leaf and petal.