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Wholesale Orders Only

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Phone enquiries – 02 6689 7544

Order Details

Orders must be 5 trays or more – other minimums may be applied by freighters.

Each variety should be HALF TRAY MINIMUMS

140mm x 6

100mm x 10 or 12

175mm x 3

200mm x 2 or 3

250mm x 1

Standards x 1

Please Note:

  • We may charge a small numbers fee for orders that don’t meet
    these requirements.
  • No part payment of invoices.
  • We have added labels to our list.


  • Overnight to Sydney – deliveries into nurseries via Plantfast : Contact Phil: 0402 400422.
  • To Melbourne via AJ Flynne or Rosewood or your nominated freight company.


Additional information:


  •  Include any special requirements in the comments and complete the other details as necessary.
  •  It’s advisable to suggest alternatives to ensure trays are properly filled and transported securely if we cannot supply an item or if the tray count is insufficient.
  • Please ensure all sections are filled out and include a phone number, preferably a mobile number, so we can contact you easily. We often encounter missing phone numbers, business names, and addresses.
  •  If you have any questions, please call us at 0266 897 544.
  • Additionally, let us know if you are not receiving the mailout with all the pictures and order buttons. Some people have reported it going to their junk folder.

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